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From a book, Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer in 2019, to a passionate desire to help others publish their works came the birth of a Publishing House, Stormm’s Publishing House, where the Author built courage, tenacity, boldness, fierceness, and talent into its structure that she earned along the way. This author was and is Ms. Aasia Gale Stormm, Author Extraordinaire, who is trailblazing a new Publishing System that draws the author into the Stormm’s Family of Authors and into strategized participation and partnership in how their books and other crafts rise to the top. No author stands alone in the Stormm Family of Authors and Talents; Together We Stand!

Stormm’s Publishing House also built its own Department Store called My American Stormm at that will offer everything an eclectic talent in its family could desire in a shopping experience; and why is that so? Because once excepted into the Stormm family, the talent makes a list of what they want in the store and has automatic family discounts. This “Cash Cow” is built for the House to cover the costs of grooming future would-be writers, who can’t afford fees, into successful Authors; THIS IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF PUBLISHING HOUSE!