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My heart is inviting a good matter. I write the things concerning the king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. When trouble and despair filled my heart and mind as a young married mother of four children who are all now in their thirties the Presence of the Lord gently swept in as a calm wind blowing as I sat by a window in a log cabin on an intecessory prayer retreat.  The moonlight off of the pond surround me as the evening sun went down and the warmth I sensedcaused me to begin to write.  The joy and peace that flooded every fiber of my being caused a release of the pain shame loneliness and despair and exchanged it for the peace that passes all understanding that yet keeps my heart and mind through the love of Christ Jesus. I begin to write a poem of peace and tranquility to come to the presence of the Lord and find the strength grace and mercy to let go of the heaviness of my heart and receive the love and peace of The Father who loves me and imparted to me peace that I in His joy may impart to others who need  the same.

I am Carlette Boyd